Probing Myc and Max Protein-Protein Interactions using NanoBRET™ and NanoBiT® Assays

29.08.2018 Выкл. Автор bionemru


We used the NanoBRET™ assay from Promega to identify Myc-Max protein-protein interaction (PPI) inhibitors using the respective proteins tagged with NanoLuc® luciferase (NanoLuc®) and HaloTag® ligands. In addition to this, we used the Myc-Max NanoBiT® complementation assay to validate specific Myc-Max PPI. Using the Myc-Max NanoBRET™ Assay we performed a high-throughput (HTS) screen of about 40,000 compounds in a 384-well plate assay format to identify PPI inhibitors. We followed up on the active compounds identified in dose-response experiments, as well as in counter-screening formats to identify a novel chemical that disrupts Myc-Max heterodimerization.

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Khare-Pandit, S. Hartwell, K. and Markland, W.  Probing Myc and Max Protein-Protein Interaction using NanoBRET™ and NanoBiT® Assays. [Internet] December 2017, tpub_192. [cited: year, month, date]. Available from: